Melissa Walsh

Melissa Walsh

Since childhood, I have been an observer and a seeker. I watch. I ask. I take note. I write. In fiction or non-fiction, I document Truth as tale or dispatch. I process into story the lives and events found along my path as a daughter of the Motor City, a student of history and the matriarch of four young men.

Shaped by the working class, enlightened by the liberal arts, touched by Grace, conditioned by struggle, and blessed by the vigorous crazy that goes with raising boys, I share stories and thoughts as saga, poetry, memoir, myth, anecdote, and report.

Knowing that curiosity is instinctive as a child but chosen as an adult, I choose curiosity, which leads to a quest based in a faith that Truth persistently survives – pervasive in nature and also nestled deep and quiet in the overlooked or hard-to-look-at places of trouble, failure, and sorrow. Little-known persons and events rest ready to be discovered by faith, lifted by hope, and set in story.

My author site: Melissa Walsh

Recipient of the 2018 second-place award by the Michigan Press Association in the weekly media B news feature category. Link to the award-winning article