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Grosse Pointe Equestrian: Less club, more community

Grosse Pointe News June 21st, 2018 Grosse Pointe News - Features section

Pointer of Interest: Farms girl models ‘super’ in courage, joy

Grosse Pointe News May 3rd, 2018 Pointer of Interest

An Hour With... Candice S. Miller

Hour Detroit Magazine May 2018 An Hour with...

Woods chaplain hits the streets

Grosse Pointe News April 5th, 2018 News: Woods chaplain hit the streets

Small business, big history

Grosse Pointe News March 29th, 2018 News: Small business, big history

Mack Avenue Records Achieves High-Style Kudos in Jazz

Grosse Pointe Magazine March 2018 MAC Grammys

Celebrating Ten Jazzy Years on The Hill

Grosse Pointe Magazine March 2018 Dirty Dog Ten Years

Service dog earns First Star at ‘Power Play for Heroes’

Grosse Pointe Magazine January 2018 Grosse Pointe Magazine - Jan.-Feb. 2018

Farms Teen Earns Buzz in U.S. Figure Skating

Grosse Pointe Magazine January 2018 Grosse Pointe Magazine - Jan.-Feb. 2018

A Phenomenal Day for Hockey

Pointe Media March 2016 Grosse Pointe Magazine - March/April 2016 Issue

A Big Tilt for Grosse Pointe Community

Pointe Media January 2016 Grosse Pointe Magazine - January/February 2016

The Reel Deal

Service Truck Magazine September 2015 The Reel Deal

Grosse Pointe's Super Novices Hit 'The Brick'

Pointe Media July 2015 Grosse Pointe Magazine - July/August 2015

Girls Enjoy Hockey's Great Adventure

Pointe Media January 2014 Grosse Pointe Magazine - January/February 2014

Rivertown Survivor

Hour Detroit Magazine December 2013 Rivertown Survivor

Grosse Pointe Public Schools: The details on our impressive high schools

Pointe Media August 2013

A Goal-Scoring Visionary

Pointe Media December 2011 Grosse Pointe Magazine - "A Goal-Scoring Visionary"

Hockey: A Girl's Life at the Onyx

Rochester & Hills Magazine November 2011

Ready, Set, Train!

Powerplay Communications January 2011

Hockey Vision Becomes a Hockey Classic

Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) March 2007

Beating Breast Cancer: Life-Saving Wisdom from a Survivor

Michigan House Calls Magazine 2005

Got Calcium Carbonate? Quenching Holiday Heartburn

Michigan House Calls Magazine 2005

'Tis the Season To Be Overly Stressed

Michigan House Calls Magazine 2005

Head Up. Stand Tall. It's a Lifelong Kick.

Grosse Pointe News November 22nd, 2001