Melissa Walsh

Discovering Rochester

Pointe Media | September 2011

Five years ago, a new job in Auburn Hills led me to move my family from Grosse Pointe to Rochester Hills, a community that we knew very little about. I had never shopped in Downtown Rochester, eaten at Lipuma’s, or hiked the Paint Creek Trail. I wasn’t familiar with the roads of northern Oakland County, nor its residents’ rather intense driving style.

As I learned my way around, my four sons quickly made new friends. And, though missing the beauty of Lake St. Clair, I became enamored with Rochester’s beautiful rolling hills, lovely floral scents, and abundance of woodland critters, uncommon in Wayne County. Rochester felt like moving Up North for us and turned out to become a fun family adventure.

As my boys thrived in Rochester’s boy-friendly culture, I was struck by Greater Rochester’s Mayberry quality. Rochester is a community where boys can pick up a net or pole and freely head to the creek to catch fish, crawfish and tadpoles. It’s a community of pond hockey, backyard football, and bonfires with late-night summer games of Ghosts in the Graveyard.

In an age of sprawling suburban growth that overcomes small-town America, Rochester’s sense of community thrives. You see it at Greater Rochester’s numerous special events and festivals. You feel it strongly at a local high school football game. You know it when you visit a Rochester school. You reflect it when you proudly say, “I live in Rochester.”

Rochester & Hills Magazine’s scope is simple. It’s about what makes Greater Rochester a wonderful place to live, uncovering little-known remarkable facts about our neighbors and spotlighting the special organizations and events that bring neighbors together.

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Melissa Walsh Managing Editor