Melissa Walsh

Melissa Walsh

A writer and editor with more than 30 years of professional experience, I tap my expertise to deliver quality print and online content to target audiences, meeting today's media and market needs.

My writing services include: journalism (hard news and lifestyle); ghostwriting; blogging; copywriting; and proposal- and report-writing.

My editorial and publishing services include: copy editing; developmental editing; fact-checking; proofreading; XML mark-up; editorial project management; and print and ebook publishing.

I began my professional journey as a project editor for a large education and reference publisher. Later, I served the automotive industry in service operations and requirements management. I also worked in the defense industry, managing operator and maintenance logistics for ground combat systems. During my years working around vehicles, I returned to school for applied engineering/automotive technology training. I became a wordsmith who can turn a wrench and use a scantool.

I am also a hockey player, a level-4 USA Hockey coach, and the mother of four grown hockey players. Putting my writing cap on around the rink, I have contributed articles, columns, blog posts, and a book to the hockey market.

Off the ice, I’m an avid Great Lakes sailor and a history nerd frequently with her nose in a book. When I find an opportunity to disappear to write poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction, I take it.

Recognized for my work as a freelance news reporter, I'm the recipient of the 2018 second-place award by the Michigan Press Association in the weekly media B news feature category.

Demand for quality writing and editorial services grows as markets become more competitive. My writing and editorial skills bring extra strength to organizations with the wisdom not to treat written communication as an afterthought. To that end, I've contributed my skills as a content strategist toward large digital-publishing projects since 2020.

~Melissa Walsh

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